Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Donate To Japan Disaster Relief

Jonathan Foster of From The Barn prompted this post. I hope he doesn’t mind, but I’m going to just reprint his plea to support the Japan relief efforts below:

Hello fellow college basketball bloggers,

By now I am sure you are acutely aware of the disaster unfolding throughout Japan. After a massive earthquake, one of the five strongest in recorded history and a subsequent tsunami, there is indescribable devastation. An estimated 10,000 died, thousands more are injured, millions are homeless and a struggling with access to basic needs like food shelter and water, and hundreds of thousands of others have been evacuated from their homes due to the threat of nuclear meltdowns at several power plants throughout the northeast of the country. It is a horrific situation.

Meanwhile, on our side of the Pacific Ocean, we are gearing up for out favorite time of year, the NCAA tournament. Over the next few days and weeks, many of our websites will see the most traffic we see all season. Please consider using this increased traffic to help the people of Japan, and place either a new post asking your readers to donate, or consider adding a link your various open threads, live blogs, game previews, or we got snubbed rants that you'll be posting between now Thursday.

The people of Japan face a monumental effort in rebuilding their country and their lives, and the least we can all do is throw a few links and few dollars their way. Every little bit helps.

For those willing to encourage their readers to help the cause, I'd suggest links to the American Red Cross dedicated Japan Relief Fund, or donating directly to the Japanese Red Cross, made extra easy by the fine folks at google.

Thanks for reading this, and please considering making a donation and making it easy for your readers to donate too.


Jonathan Foster

Writer and Owner of From The Barn, A Golden Gophers Basketball Blog

This was a classy idea on Jon’s part, and I hope many of you will contribute.

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