Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prediction System Bracket Challenge

As a fun (and non-statistically significant) way to pit my similarity-based predictions against other prediction/rating systems, I created an ESPN Bracket Challenge group – System Smackdown.  I filled out brackets based on the ratings listed below – for each game, I simply picked the higher rated team, unless otherwise noted.  If you know of any more ratings or predictions that should be included, drop me a line.

The Competitors

Hopefully, I’ll have time to post a score update after every round.  If not, I should at least be able to manage every weekend.

I should note that I didn’t realize – until after I took the time to fill out all the brackets – that I can’t change the scoring system, so I’m stuck with the default 1-2-4-8-16-32.  That overvalues the later rounds, in my opinion, so I’ll probably end up showing what the standings would have been with various other point systems.

Good luck to all the (unbeknownst to them) competitors, and may the best system win!

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