Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Four Characteristics

Just a short post to share something I noticed when digging through data last night…

In the Pomeroy Era (2004-09), there have been 24 Final Four teams.  All of them except 2006 George Mason and 2006 LSU fit the following critera:

  • 30th or better in Adjusted Offensive Efficiency
  • 30th or better in Adjusted Defensive Efficiency
  • 15th or better in Pythagorean Rating
  • 150th or better in defensive eFG%
  • 150th or better in offensive 2PFG%
  • 150th or better in defensive 2PFG%

Here are the teams in each region that fit these criteria:

  • EAST: Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  • WEST: Syracuse, Kansas State, BYU
  • MIDWEST: Kansas, Ohio State
  • SOUTH:

Yes, I left the South blank on purpose.  Duke is disqualified due to their terrible shooting percentage within the arc (46.9%, 205th nationally).  However, they make up for this by being a fantastic offensive rebounding team (40%, 10th nationally), so given the lack of alternatives, I’d slot them in as the best fit in the South by these criteria.

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